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3-Axis Stabilizer for Smartphone Vlog Anti-Shake Stabilizer

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Capture professional-quality videos and vlogs with our HQ3 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. Reduce camera shake and vibrations for smooth and stable footage. Perfect for iPhone or Android devices, its foldable design makes it convenient for on-the-go recording. Say goodbye to unwanted movement with the anti-shake feature, elevating the quality of your content.


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Nannie Greenfelder

Everything is as written. Works perfectly. Everything was included) even put a battery for the remote control. Tried to shoot and it's really cool. Looks expensive. Design looking reliable

Sandy Farrell

It looks cool and functional the product connects quickly to the cell and gives immediate use

Hayden Stanton

It's delivered in less than two weeks. I need to practice a long time to learn how to work. Zoom and I can't find the shoot button. I saw it well and I was going to order it.

Ibrahim Kilback

Luxury!! And the delivery was super fast! I arrive in Mexico in 7 days

Jason Jones

The delivery is also very fast and the manual is simple, so it's very nice to use ^ ^ I'm on the road.

Guaranteed Safe Checkout


• 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer :The HQ3 3-axis gimbal stabilizer provides smooth and stable footage, reducing camera shake and vibrations during recording.

• Smartphone Compatibility :Designed for smartphones, this gimbal ensures your videos and vlogs from iPhone or Android devices are shot with professional clarity and stability.

• Foldable Handheld Design :Its foldable handheld design makes it easy to carry and use, perfect for on-the-go video recording.

• Anti-shake Feature :The anti-shake feature of the gimbal ensures your videos are free from unwanted movement, enhancing the overall quality of your content.

• Bluetooth Communication :With Bluetooth communication, this gimbal allows for remote control and monitoring, offering convenience and flexibility in usage.

• RoHS Certified :The RoHS certified product guarantees safety standards, making it a reliable choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Suitable phone size and weight for HQ3:

it support smart phones with width 55-85mm.

Thickness less than 8.2mm.

The load should less than 260g.

Name of product: AXNEN HQ3 Gimbal Stabilizer for Mobile Phone
Product Material: Environmental Protection ABS + Glass Fiber
Charging Method: 5V1A
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
Product Load: 260g
Support Phone Width: 55-85mm
Endurance Time:Laboratory stationary placement test results are 9 hours
Product Weight:295g(battery included)
Name of Bluetooth Device:HQ3+ Last 4 serial number

HQ3 Gimbal Stabilizer

Three axis anti-vibration system perfect for shooting

Small size and big function

Combined with various modes handheld gimbal stabilizer , it has high-accuracy anti-vibration system and bluetooth-compatible remote-control function.
Freely switch from horizontal shooting to vertical shooting.
Self-lock structure can be folded easily and automatic balancing without parameter adjustment.
Large capacity 2200mah lithium battery can provide up to 8 hours endurance for stability function.

One Key Operation

HQ3 works easy after connect bluetooth-compatible in smartphone,avoiding the trouble operation of learning

No fear of hand shaking

Meet the need of shooting while walking,always keep the picture balanced and smooth,and easily shoot beautiful pictures.

3-axis bring more stability

Greatly enhance the stability of gimbal to ensure the stability of shooting or Live broadcasting .

Stable horizontal and vertical shooting

Freely switch from horizontal shooting to vertical shooting.Whether it is horizontal screen or vertical screen,easy shooting meets the shooting needs of various video platforms.

Comfortable & Foldable Easy to Carry

ABS + glass fiber material,comfortable non-slip handle design.take it with you wherever you go.

Product Weight: 295g ( battery included

Pan Following Mode (PF)

Tilt axis and roll axis keep the same direction,and the lens rotates with the direction of the handle.

Horizontal Lock Mode (HL)

Roll axis remains horizontal and the lens rotates in the direction of the handle.

FPV First Person View ( FPV )

The lens follows the projection direction of the handle to simulate the first-person visual effect.

Global Lock(GL)

Press and hold the trigger button to enter into full lock under PF / HL mode

Manual Lock

Hold the mobile phone clip by hand pull it to the specified angle in the tilt direction,and stay for half a second to lock the current angle.

Perfectly for Various Smartphones

Support smart phones with width 55-85mm
The load should less than 280g.

Large battery capacity

HQ3 build-in 2200mah Li-battery,it runs up to 8 hours.
You can easily handle demands of continuous filming during a long journey.

Record a good life

Suitable for a variety of scenes,to be director of life to find Wonderful times.

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