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Gimbal Stabilizer Handle Grip for DSLR Camera Sony (GS-679)


Enhance your DSLR camera adventures with the GS-679 Gimbal Stabilizer Handle Grip. Designed for seamless compatibility with Sony cameras, its ergonomic handle grip provides optimal comfort and control for smooth and professional footage. Eliminating unwanted shakes, this essential accessory elevates your photography and videography game, guaranteeing stunningly steady results every time.

Style: SCORP With Case
Ships From: spain

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Vesta Abbott

Very good, I'll do the tests

Lelia Trantow

An excellent Guimbal for what is proposed and price range, especially for the ease of already being free of abusive taxes. Piling up to 12x without interest helps even more.
Great choice as first Guimbal, the advantage over scorp C (without the display) is that it makes it even easier to use and to be more free of the app.
Important to learn to balance well and make sure before calling that everything is well adjusted and tight. In the beginning it can be boring balancing but with time and training it gets faster.

I also recommend buying a plate in L to make vertical images. Because the vertical mode it has is very limited to longer use.

Is a great Guimbal. No repentance

Lisette McDermott

Excellent Product, arrived very fast, great quality, can buy without fear,
Recommend the seller.

Darrick Becker

Arrived before the expected delivery date, excellent. Will be of great help in future work.

Osbaldo Bartoletti

The package was well packed and arrived on time with a good brand."

Guaranteed Safe Checkout


Introducing the ultimate companion for your DSLR camera adventures - the GS-679 Gimbal Stabilizer Handle Grip. Engineered with precision and designed for seamless compatibility with Sony cameras, this stabilizer ensures your footage remains smooth and professional, even in dynamic shooting environments. Crafted with ergonomic excellence, its handle grip provides optimal comfort and control, allowing you to focus solely on capturing the perfect shot. Whether you're filming action-packed scenes or serene landscapes, the GS-679 enhances stability and eliminates unwanted shakes, guaranteeing stunningly steady footage every time. Elevate your photography and videography game with this essential accessory and unleash the full potential of your Sony DSLR camera.


Brand Name: FeiyuTech

Feiyutech Model: Scorp

APP Supported Languages: FRENCH

APP Supported Languages: Spanish

APP Supported Languages: KOREAN

APP Supported Languages: Portuguese

APP Supported Languages: English

APP Supported Languages: Russian

Type: Single Handgrip

Communication: WIRED

Weight (g): 1200g

Package: Yes

Size: 314.4*210.7*240.3mm

Model Number: Feiyu SCORP

Certification: CE

Battery Life: 2500mAh/13h

Payload: 2.5kg

Pitch Angle: 340

Roll Angle: 340

Heading Angle: 360


Feiyu SCORP-1 3-axis Camera Handheld Stabilizer

Model: Feiyu SCORP-1.........

Self weight: 1200g/2.65 lb (including quick release plate, excluding other accessories and cameras)

.........Max Payload: 2.5kg/5.51 lb (well balanced).........

Main Material: Synthetic macromolecular resin, aluminum alloy........

Battery Capacity: 2500mAh.........

Operating Voltage: 6.8V-8.4V.........

Theoretical Battery Life : 13 hours.........

Charging time: 1.6h (Using 18W fast charger).........

Working Temperature: -10~45℃.........

Rotatable Range :

Tilt: 320°(With limitation)

Roll: 320°(With limitation)

Pan: 360°(Unlimited).........

Controllable Range:

Tilt: +110°~-45°

Roll: +20°~-20°

Pan: 360°(Unlimited).........


------Compatibility Camera Brand & Model List:

For Sony Camera: Α6100 / α6300 / α6400 / α6500 / α6600 / Α7S / α7S Ⅱ / Α7R / α7R Ⅱ / α7R Ⅲ / α7R M4A / α7 Ⅱ (A7M2) / α7 Ⅲ (A7M3) / α9 / α9 Ⅱ / RX100 Ⅲ / RX100 Ⅳ / RX100M5A / RX100 Ⅵ / RX100 Ⅶ / DSC-WX500 / DSC-HX90 / DSC-RX10 Ⅲ / DSC-RX10 Ⅳ / ZV-1 / ZV-E10 / FX3;

For Canon Camera:EOS M50 / EOS M50 Mark Ⅱ / EOS M6 Mark Ⅱ / Powershot G7 X Mark Ⅲ / EOS 200D Ⅱ(Rebel SL2)/ EOS 850D(Rebel T8i)/ EOS 70D / EOS 77D / EOS 80D / EOS 90D / EOS 6D / EOS 6D Mark Ⅱ / EOS 5D Mark Ⅲ / EOS 5D Mark Ⅳ / EOS 5DS R / EOS RP / EOS R / EOS R5 / EOS R6;

For Nikon Camera: Z7 / Z7 Ⅱ / Z5 / Z6 / Z6 Ⅱ / Z50 / D7500 / Z fc;

For Panasonic Camera:GH5S / GH5 / GH4 / G9 / S5 ;

For Fujifilm Camera: X-T20 / X-T30 / X-T100 / X-H1 / X-T3 / X-T4 / X-S10 / X-T200 / X-E3;

SIGMA for Camera:FP

What are the upgrades between Feiyu SCORP and Feiyu SCORP-C?

Major upgrades include:

1. 1.3-inch touch screen, get all the parameters that need to be set, and can be used completely without the APP.

2. Foc Electronic Knob, you can customize the damping size. Switchable smooth feel and ratchet feel. Turn the magic wheel to control the parameter menu.

Standard Accessories:

Feiyu SCORP-1*1

Data cable USB 2.0 to Type-C*1

Shutter cable Type-C to Micro (A03)*1

Shutter cable Type-C to Type-C (C02)*1

Shutter cable Type-C to TRS2.5 (T02)*1

Sony shutter cable Type-C to Multi*1

Panasonic shutter cable (DC2.5mm) Type-C to 2.5mm*1


Quick release plate*1

Camera backing base*1

Lens holder*1

Lens holder screw*1

Camera fixed screw*3

Optional Accessories:

Monopod (Pay attention to its max payload);

Carbon Fiber Extension Rod;

Feiyu SCORP Focus Motor;

ARRI Rosettes Expansion Accessory;

Feiyu Portrait Quick Release Plate;

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