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AXNEN HQ6 Gimbal for Smartphone, 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal (AH-675)


Upgrade your smartphone videography game with the AXNEN HQ6 Gimbal. Featuring advanced 3-axis stabilization technology, this gimbal ensures steady and shake-free footage in any environment. Its ergonomic design allows for comfortable and prolonged shooting sessions, while intuitive controls make for easy adjustments. Capture professional-quality videos every time with the AH-675 model.

Style: AXNEN HQ6 Option1

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Vernie Grimes

Received. Uses three AA batteries. I haven't tried it.

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Elevate your smartphone videography with the AXNEN HQ6 Gimbal, a cutting-edge 3-axis handheld stabilizer designed to capture smooth and professional footage. Engineered for versatility and ease of use, this AH-675 model boasts advanced stabilization technology, ensuring your videos remain steady and shake-free even in dynamic environments. Whether you're shooting action-packed sports scenes or cinematic landscapes, this gimbal delivers impeccable results every time. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for prolonged shooting sessions without fatigue. With intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly adjust shooting modes, pan, tilt, and roll angles to achieve your desired shot. Transform your smartphone into a powerhouse filmmaking tool with the AXNEN HQ6 Gimbal and unleash your creative potential.


Charging for Mobile Device: No

Model name: AXNEN HQ6

Support APP: Yes

Support Zoom Control: Yes, with zoom slider

Support Face Follow Tracking: Yes

Support Object Follow Tracking: Yes

Support Dropshipping: Yes

Configured for: smartphones

Brand Name: axnen

Package: Yes

Material: PA66

Size: 163*119*50mm(fold)

Support Remote Control: Yes

Vertical Shooting: Yes

App Setting: Yes

Panning Angle: 300

Feature: Following the shooting mode

Feature: Face Recognition

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Type: handheld gimbal

Communication: bluetooth

Weight (g): 378

Rolling Angle: 320

Supported Mobile Device Max Size: width between 55-90mm, thickness less than 11mm, weight less than 280g

of Axes: 3-Axis

Titling Angle: 65

Camera Integration: No

Category: Handheld Gimbals

Product Features

-- with Fill Light (Adjustable, three colors and flash mode)
-- 3-Axis foldable design.
-- Support APP (Gimbal show).
-- with Zoom slider (works after connect with APP first).
-- Support Face Tracking/Object Tracking (in APP).
-- Many different modes (Gesture control/Face tracking/Tracking follow/Low angle follow shot/Zoom/Time lapse photography/etc.)

Which smartphone can be used with AXNEN HQ6 gimbal?

This gimbal can be used with many models of mobile phones, such as iphone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo and many other brands of smartphones. However, the size requirements should be met:
The suitable smartphone size:
width between 55-90mm ;
weight less than 280g (Max.) ;
thickness less than 11mm .

Options Tip:

We sell four options, please choose the suitable one when you making order:

AXNEN HQ6 Option1: HQ6 gimbal + User manual + USB cable + Mini tripod + Color box;

AXNEN HQ6 Option2: HQ6 gimbal + User manual + USB cable + Mini tripod + Color box + Storage bag for gimbal + Remote control for phone;

AXNEN HQ6 Option3: HQ6 gimbal + User manual + USB cable + Mini tripod + Color box + Storage bag for gimbal + Remote control for phone + Wireless microphone for type c port;

AXNEN HQ6 Option4: HQ6 gimbal + User manual + USB cable + Mini tripod + Color box + Storage bag for gimbal + Remote control for phone + Wireless microphone for iphone lightning port.


2024 Newest 3-Axis Gimbal

12 Reasons for Choose HQ6

-- Built-in Fill Light
3 colors light (white / mixed / warm light) and with 3 brightness levels for each color. There is also a flash mode.

-- 3-Axis Anti-shake Design
AXNEN HQ6 features a 3-axis anti-shake design that mitigates shaking during filming for a more smooth video image.

-- Zoom in/out
Professional focus slider allows you to zoom smoothly, slider it to zoom in/out.

-- Vertical and Horizontal
whether horizontal or vertical, can easily dealwith showing more shooting composition.

-- Face Tracking
Uses intelligent image recognition technology to follow target faces.

-- Object Tracking
Uses intelligent image recognition technology to follow target objects.

-- Inception Mode
ln master shooting style, the lens rotates automatically to get the video like movies.

-- FPV Mode
The lens follows the projection direction of the handle to simulate the first-person visual effect.

-- Gesture Control
Gesture control for taking photo or video/switch shooting modes control face tracking/switch between horizontal & vertical.

-- Underslung Mode
Ideal for overhead shots, easy to photograph small animals or plants.

-- Easy to Carry
Folding and portable design, the weight is only 378g, easy to carry.

-- Up to 8 hours
3600mAh Large battery capacity, continuoususe for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

3-Axis Stabilization Anti-Shake

lt has an enhanced stability gimbal for a smooth recording experience.
Tilt axis: +30° to -35°
Roll axis: +160° to -160°
Pan axis: +150° to -150°

Adjustable Fill Light

HQ6 has a built-in fill light with three colors of light and three adjustable brightness levels for each color. And there is also a flash mode.

-- Fill Light Button Tips:
- Single press: Turn on/ Stwich Color / Adjust Brightness
- Double press: Flash mode (SOS)
- Lone press: Turn off

Multiple Shooting Modes

AXNEN HQ6 has a variety of shooting modes to meet the needs of different scenes.

-- Semi Follow Mode(PF)
※ Default mode upon powering on.
Tilt & Roll axis are locked. Pan axis(left/right) rotates smoothly with the handle.

-- All Follow Mode (AF)
The Roll axis is locked, the Pan axis(left/right) and Tilt axis(up/down) will follow the movement of handle.

-- Lock Full Mode (AF)
Pan, Tilt, Roll axis are all locked. The camera can't follow the movement of the handle.

-- First Person View (FV)
Pan, Tilt, Roll axis follow the movement of the handle.

-- lnception Mode
Quickly press the trigger button three times, you can got magical images like a movie.

-- Semi-mad Dog Mode(PF fast flash)
In PF mode, Single Press+Long Press the "trigger button", and then you are in "Semi-mad Dog Mode", which is an upgraded version of PF mode, speeding up the transitions to shoot.

-- Mad Dog Mode(AF fast flash)
In AF mode, Single Press+Long Press the "trigger button", and then you are in "Mad Dog Mode", which is an upgraded version of AF mode, speeding up the transitions to shoot.

One Key Switch between Horizontal and Vertical shooting

Freely switch between horizontal and vertical shooting to meet a variety of shooting needs.

Double press the "M" button

Zoom Slider Design

Zoom in and out by pushing the zoom slider up and down.

(Please note: Please connect to the app before you can use the zoom function.)

Low-angle Follow Shoot

Low-angle follow shot for the more unique angle of view.

Convenient Functions of APP

Enjoy shooting moments by using multiple intelligence functions expanded through the APP. APP name is "Gimbal Show", You can scan the QR code below to download the APP, or download it directly in Google Store or Play Store.

Tracking / Panorama / Time-lapse / Inception / Dolly Zoom / Gesture Control

AI Intelligent Tracking(in APP)

Uses intelligent image recognition technology to follow target faces, objects, animals or buildings.

Panoramic Shooting & Clone Me

Panorama 180°, Panorama 3x3 mode to collect large landscapes in one fell swoop and CloneMe mode.

Time-lapse photography

Support dynamic time-lapse, trajectory time-lapse, and static time-lapsephotography, full of creativity.

Inception Movie Mode in APP

There is another way for choose inception movie mode.
After connected with APP, enter Inception movie mode, you can got magical images like a movie.


Through the lens with Dyna-Zoom mode, to shoot a very visually appealing movie-quality blockbuster effect.


Gesture Control (in APP)

You can easily take photos/recordings with a gesture, switch shooting modes controlface tracking, and switch between vertical and horizontal shooting.

-- Scissor Gesture: Countdown 3s shot
-- Palm Gesture: Stwich between taking video or picture
-- OK Gesture: Start/Stop face tracking
-- Thumbs-up Gesture: Switch between vertical and horizontal

Ergonomic & Foldable design, Comfortable to use and easy to carry

Comfortable grip, good compatibility, steady hand without shaking. Foldable and portable design weighs only 378g, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Equipped with a mini tripod

Every HQ6 comes with a mini tripod that attaches to the bottom of the gimbal, making it easy to have the gimbal stand up on a table or the ground for use.

3600mAh Large battery capacity

AXNEN HQ6 has the large battery capacity of 3600mah, it runs up to 7-8 hours. You can easily handle demands of continuous filming during a long journey.

3 Hours Charging
7-8 Hours Using

Perfectly for Various Smartphones

The suitable smartphone size:
width between 55-90mm ;
weight less than 280g (Max.) ;
thickness less than 11mm .

Suitable for use in a variety of scenarios

support for Online Living / Dance Filming / Online Streaming / Parent-child lnteraction / Extreme Sports / Outdoor Activities / Wedding Filming / in Dark / etc.

Product Detail:

Button Funtions:

Product Parameters:

Product Display:

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