Apple refuses to name Apple Intelligence ‘AI’

Apple refuses to name Apple Intelligence ‘AI’

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“How do you shorten Apple Intelligence?” That’s the query I’ve requested a number of Apple staff at WWDC 2024, and their practiced responses have grow to be comically absurd.

“We simply say Apple Intelligence,” they inform me. “Yah, however do you say that each time? The AI acronym is true there!” I’d retort. The standard response is a stiff smile and clenched enamel, like a human programming error in real-time. (Sure, I am conscious it is simply overly aggressive media coaching in motion.) One individual urged in addition they say “private intelligence” — sure, a phrase that is longer than Apple Intelligence.

There isn’t any doubt Apple Intelligence means many issues to the corporate. It is an effort to compete with Microsoft’s (nonetheless unproven) Copilot and Google’s Gemini. It is a option to make Apple appear “hip” with ChatGPT. And it ought to allow a slew of recent options for customers. However Apple Intelligence is rarely “AI” to Apple.

Usually, I might chalk this as much as a foolish branding quirk. But it surely turns into an issue as we cowl Apple Intelligence. It is a lengthy phrase that is simply begging to be shortened to “AI,” however then how do you distinguish that abbreviation from ChatGPT, Copilot and the final idea of AI? Through the WWDC 2024 keynote, Apple solely talked about the phrase “synthetic intelligence” 3 times: Twice whereas referring to its earlier AI-powered options, and one other whereas referring to “different synthetic intelligence instruments” like ChatGPT.

At this level, I’ve simply determined to name Apple Intelligence “Apple AI.” It is shorter and it differentiates the product from opponents. And sure, it simply means “Apple Apple Intelligence,” however everybody nonetheless says “ATM machine” and “PIN quantity.” It isn’t my fault Apple determined to co-opt the acronym “AI.”

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